Welcome to the CRANIUM Study!

CRANIUM: Creating a Culture change in community mental health clinics through having a Registry and reminders, Advice to get medical screening, peer Navigators, identification of Illness, Umbrella of services, and initiating Medications 


MISSION STATEMENT: “Inspiring collaborations and leveraging talent to create a more integrated healthcare system.”

This study aims to determine whether the CRANIUM intervention results in increased diabetes screening and treatment, when compared to usual care, in people with severe mental illness.  Given the significant disparities in heath care received by people with severe mental illness (SMI, e.g., schizophrenia, bipolar disorder), any effort to improve the quality of medical care of this highly vulnerable population are extremely important.  

The results from this study will transform the way medical care is provided in community mental health clinics.

The CRANIUM study was funded by an NIH Career Development Award (K23MH093689) and the UCSF Hellman Fellows Award for Early-Career Faculty