Faculty Profiles

Faculty for the CRANIUM Study have played an integral role in the facilitation and execution of the aims outlined in this study in order to promote a culture change in the care of people with severe mental illness.  All faculty have received and administered research and public health grants from various funding agencies. 

 Principal Investigator

Christina Mangurian 

Mangurian NIMH-K23 Mentorship Team

Dean Schillinger

(Primary Mentor)

Pat Arean


John Newcomer


Susan Essock

(Implementation Sciences Consultant)

Elena Fuentes-Afflick

(Health Disparities Consultant)

Eric Vittinghoff

(Biostatistics Consultant)

Laura Dunn

(Ethics Consultant)

Ben Druss

(Behavioral Health Homes Consultant)



Public Partners

Irene Sung

(Chief Medical Officer, SFHN-BH)

Ryan Shackleford

(Medical Director, SFHN-BH Behavioral Health Homes)

Jim Dilley

(UCSF/SFGH Chief of Psychiatry)


David Fariello

(Director, UCSF/SFGH Citywide Focus)

Fumi Mitsuishi

(Medical Director, UCSF/SFGH Citywide Focus)

Lauren Goldman

(Primary Care Consultant)

Alice Chen


Delphine Tuot


Elizabeth Knapp

(Former Medical Director of the California Department of Mental Health)

Todd Gilmer 

(Professor of Health Economics)

CRANIUM Research Team

Marilyn Thomas

(CRANIUM Coordinator)

Bernard Lee

(CRANIUM Research Assistant)

Stephanie Porcell

(CRANIUM Peer Counselor)